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Macro Intelligence 2 Partners LLC - Independent Macroeconomic Research Firm

Macro Intelligence 2 Partners

I have known Julian Brigden for over 15 years and he has called every major macro move I can remember from the 2007 & 2008 Credit Crisis, the Rise of the U.S. Dollar and even the collapse of Oil. He is simply the best in the business.
— Mike B, Portfolio Manager


Our research makes calm out of chaos.

Macro Intelligence 2 Partners, LLC, headed by Julian Brigden, is a leading independent macroeconomic research firm with clients around the world.  Our research guides you through the big-picture framework of market fundamentals, helps you anticipate resulting movements, and most importantly, execute timely trades.

Our unique background, as market professionals and not economists, allows us to pull together different areas of expertise. Our research is independent and unconstrained by trading positions, liquidity needs, political bias or influence.



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Who We Are

Founded in 2011 at the request of an iconic hedge fund, our unique tangential thought process and strong calls have made our name. In turn, our client base has expanded significantly and we now serve some of the world’s largest investment banks & wealth managers, as well as family offices.

Julian Brigden, Co-Founder & Head of Research, brings diverse talents to the research process including an understanding of global markets and politics, as well as a love of history.  He leads a team of six professionals.  The research team is complimented by a client management team of four that guides the client through all stages of engagement. We emphasize that we are a research organization, not a sales organization. 

In addition, we have been asked since our early years to create a macroeconomic research product for retail investors. In July 2017 in partnership with Raoul Pal & RealVision TV, we launched Macro Insiders, a retail product to meet these growing demands. 



our product

Our product is macroeconomic research with a primary focus on actionable macroeconomic and policy-related information. See samples of our research.


We are authentic with our work producing research pieces on an impartial and time-sensitive basis focusing solely on the client’s advances in the market.


We use a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods to monitor markets across the globe. Predictive models anchor our views and create the basis for a repetitive process.


We only publish when opportunities are identified, not on a set schedule. We don't speak out unless we have value to add. 


We are authentic in our work producing time-sensitive and impartial research focused on successfully navigating markets. Our research guides clients strategic positioning and risk management.

competitive Advantage

Our goal is to continuously refine our views so the client can prosper. The MI2 team has decades of market experience through bull and bear markets.