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MI2 Partners and Real Vision Collaborated to Create An Affordable Financial Retail Product

Macro Insiders

We’ve Put Together a Macro Analysis Dream Team

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Julian Brigden & Raoul Pal

Macro Intelligence 2 Partners and The Global Macro Investor give you Macro Insiders.

Both Julian and Raoul were repeatedly asked for a macroeconomic research product for retail investors. Investors wanted access to the same kind of research the pros have, but at an affordable price. Macro Insiders levels the playing field by delivering the same high quality macro analysis to a wider audience… at a fraction of the price.

The product is specifically aimed at retail investors. Subscribers receive a monthly video with Julian and Raoul, a short piece from Julian, and a short piece from Raoul, plus an abbreviated extract from our respective MI2 and GMI research services.

Macro Insiders research service is inviting new members for the first time in a year. We're offering a generous discount for a limited time for a discounted price that ends August 6th. Become a part of the macro revolution today. 

"I appreciate the format of Macro Insiders as it allows for the development of a thesis, continuous incorporation of new information, re-weighing the risks and rewards of any particular trade .. perfect for someone like me with a several-month to years investment horizon. Julian and Raoul pull out what is really important out of the buzzing and booming chaos of ambient information and with those insights I can take and monitor positions with confidence."