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Just outstanding, as always! Appreciate your taking the time to explain things so clearly. That is probably not easy for long-time professional experts to do. But, to me, this is what makes Macro Insiders worthwhile.
— Kenneth M., Macro Insiders Subscriber

Macro Insiders has created an incredible new world of financial opportunity for individual investors. The research service retails for just $4,000 for 1 year subscription. But this Black Friday, we’re slashing our prices by over 50% to offer Macro Insiders for only $1,950:

With Macro Insiders, two of the world’s top macro-researchers, Raoul Pal and Julian Brigden, bring you a level of elite macro analysis that was previously only available to large banks, hedge funds and wealthy families.

Our mission is to crush the current system which restricts access to premium macro analysis to all but the biggest and wealthiest investors.

Macro analysis has always been prohibitively expensive because it requires the smartest thinkers and the most time to prepare. You have to monitor hundreds of markets and thousands of charts. Then you must think deeply to interpret the data correctly and see how it all fits together.

That kind of depth (and breadth) is why investors happily pay between $15,000 and $40,000 a year for this type of research.




You might be focused on an individual stock, but if you miss the big macro waves that are coming, it doesn’t matter how well that individual stock performs – you could get wiped out.

MACRO INSIDERS helps you understand the jigsaw puzzle of how all asset prices, all markets and all economies are inter-related.

It is the missing link that retail investors have been crying out for.


Co-Founder and Head of Research for Macro Intelligence 2 Partners ($40,000 a year subscription), one of the premier global research firms around, servicing over 75 clients including some of the largest hedge funds, institutional banks, and family offices worldwide.



Writer of The Global Macro Investor, a research service that costs $40,000 a year with clients including some of the biggest investors and hedge funds in the world.




Premium macro analysis for everyone.

  • An in-depth, written research report each month from Raoul Pal (In Focus)

  • An in-depth written research report from Julian Brigden each month (In Focus)

  • A combined written report from Julian and Raoul each month which brings together extracts and highlights from their institutional research worth a total of $80,000 a year (Meeting of Minds)

  • An in depth video discussion between Raoul and Julian where they discuss the biggest investment opportunities of the moment and share new ideas. (Insider Talks)

  • One full year of access to ALL of this elite research for just $4,000