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A Letter from the Editor,

At a time when crypto, Telsa and Trump dominate the digital conversation as fake news reigns– investors feel the need to escape the tunnel vision and be informed of the raw data, the facts – the truth.

Enter MI2 Partners whose home office sits at 8022’ near the Continental Divide in Vail, Colorado. Here, Julian Brigden, “the James Bond of Macro”, leads a team of 9 professionals producing thought-provoking, spot on, macro research.

Senior research analysts, with 150 years combined of market experience, and curious young analysts - experimentation and collaboration in the office is inevitable. And in 2018 – we decided to share.

This is the origin of Thoughts from the Divide – MI2 Partners free, weekly publication.

Here, we give you the inside scoop on topical concepts discussed in our morning calls. We provide insights into the intricate web woven from a history of mapping the macro maze. And prove that curiosity improves decision making because it reduces our susceptibility to market noise and confirmation bias.

The key ingredients to economic decision-making is in depth, first-hand exposure to markets and trading over time, awareness of what’s ahead and the ability to look past the obvious. MI2’s newsletter breaks away from the others by providing you a very data dependent view. We focus on news and contextualize it. Our goal is to inform and educate, rather than persuade. If you think blue jeans, marijuana and railroads are not related to your concerns of risk reward – we have things to show you.

On one page we eliminate the media’s overflow into concise, digestible content supported by charts. Our analysts contribute both off-the-beaten-path and mainstream sources to discuss a conceptual topic to challenge the way you think about macro.

This publication is a breath of fresh air. And if you come across an interesting macro chart, paper or Tweet – send it over or tag us (@mi2thoughts). We definitely don’t want to miss out.

- MI2 Partners Research Team