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MI2 Reports

MI2 Reports is our core product that pulls together and explains current global macroeconomic markets. We are heavy graphic users to clearly illustrate concepts over time.

Nowhere to Hide. A Risk Parity Shakeout?

monthly Summary

Our Monthly Summary pulls last month's views together for busy investors.

Monthly: October 2016

in-person visits

We travel to major financial centers several times a year to meet with clients. In addition, Julian Brigden is a frequent speaker at conferences and corporate events which will be brought to the subscriber’s attention.

MI2 Trader

The MI2 Trader compliments the MI2 Report and focuses on a trade, or trades, that have come to our attention through technical or fundamental indicators. 

Eurozone Equities


Presentations via video, conference call, in person or webinar is one of the key ways that our views are tied together. We walk clients through detailed views on a market-by-market basis.

additional content

Additional content we produce includes podcasts, videos and other on demand media. As technology changes, our delivery method changes. We strive to keep our clients current on our thinking via the most effective methods.

japan Update

The Japan Update is our Japan focused work that is published most business days. The writer, Jeff Uscher, uses Japanese Language Sources to discover subtleties in local news and markets. This is a specialty piece and is an add on to our research sent upon request.

BoJ Confusion

publishing & schedule

MI2 Partners publishes when we have something to say, not on a set schedule. The mixture and timing of the pieces are market dependent and we typically publish eight times a month. 


Market Divergences March 2017 by Macro Intelligence 2 Partners covers US inflation, Eurozone inflation, European internal divergence, US fixed income, and equities. 

Market Divergences July 2016 by Macro Intelligence 2 Partners covers US equities, Europe and Japan NIRP, US binds, and "the trades."

Macro Intelligence 2 Partners November 2016 presentation discusses US & Eurozone inflation, the "Trump Gap", equity realities and the structural vs. cyclical dollar move.

Macro Intelligence 2 Partners September 2015 presentation discusses US inflation, the affects of the Dollar Cycle and where we stand in global growth.

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MI2 Partners provides potential subscribers with a free, six-week trial. On trial you will receive access to our present and past reports, access to our research team and any additional content we produce. During this time, our client management team is available for assistance. The purpose of the trial is to share our analysis and allow the subscriber to familiarize with our unique style and research.