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MI2 Partners Independent Macroeconomic Research Free Trades and Charts To Show Our Track Record

Trades & Charts

Providing you the road map, route details & turn now instructions

Over time, readers and supporters have asked MI2 Partners:

  • What are your best calls?

  • How do I use your research?

  • One call is great, but what does your track record look like over time?

  • How do your calls unfold?

  • Do I need to read everything?

Here we have broken down the development of some of our most profitable trades to give you a visual representation of how we work. On the charts below, we include entry points, exit points and everything between to show you how we relay information to our clients and how clients should anticipate actionable trade recommendations. On a timeline of when the trade unfolded, we have provided chart points that have a link to the original Report. For more details and a written breakdown of our Reports leading to the following theoretical gains, please view our ‘Trades and Our Research’ document.